Thursday, January 13, 2011

Contest: Two Tickets in to Sleigh Bells + Rusko

UPDATE: The RSVPS are not necessary for this show. Just show up early. Details here.

Alright, as I mentioned in our ticket marketplace for this event, we here at MyFreeConcert are pretty on top of things when it comes to these kinds of shows. So accordingly a bunch of us RSVP quite early and assure tickets in. This means that we have a few +1s we can give away.

Now there's been all sorts of speculation as to how the system will work, but quite frankly, with 10-20k people we'd rather not take any chances and stand there in the cold for hours without having RSVPed.

So here's how to win one of our +1s.

Like us on Facebook if you haven't already. Share our page with all of your friends.

Sign up for the Music Geeks mailing list with your name by emailing and saying that MyFreeConcert referred you. CC when you do this. Music Geeks is an email list that gives out free concert tickets EVERY week, so it could only benefit you anyway.

UPDATE: We've added one final element since the demand is so high. Whoever gets the most friends to like our Facebook page and then have them email us with your name ( wins TWO tickets instead of two separate winners each getting one ticket.

Good luck. Oh yeah, if you haven't heard, we're fairly certain the show is around or near here.

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