Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not exactly music but... Another 2 hour open bar, Juliet Supper Club, 1/20

It's a battle of the two or three hour open bars, and here's the latest entrant, c/o Strictly Social Diva (click link for invite):

A launch party. In an influencer and foodie nightclub. Hosted by yours truly.

What more could you want?

Since you asked, why not special diva cocktails on Wodka Vodka? (That’s what we call speaking a diva’s language!)

You’re all over it, and so are we. Time to lend us your ears (literally) and your iCals, divas. You won’t be missing this.

Hello – we’re celebrating the Strictly Social Diva Remixed, our digital comp with top dance label Strictly Rhythm. And to do it, we want you to join us at the Juliet Supper Club.

Sexy people, slick surroundings… pretty much Strictly perfect, and the music will be good (of course). What else would you expect from The Wizard Brian Coxx, Alias Rhythm of Soulgasm Music and DJ Social Diva?

So RSVP now for Thursday, January 20 from 8:00-11:00 pm. Space is limited, and RSVP required. Drinks on Wodka Vodka from 8:00-10:00 pm, and there’s a fab prix fixe for those who don’t want to drink on an empty stomach. 539 W. 21st Street.

Now that’s Strictly Diva-worthy.

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