Spotify Playlists

Below are Spotify playlists for upcoming shows in New York City and other places. This is perhaps the best and fastest way to listen to all of the music in one place. If you have a relevant playlist you'd like us to add, email us at We hope you enjoy it.

Today's Shows (paid and unpaid)
Music in NYC, 7/18 c/o MyFreeConcert

Upcoming Venue Specific Playlists
Mercury Lounge, Through July (continuously updated)

Upcoming Free Concerts
Free Concerts in NYC, 7/16-7/31, c/o MyFreeConcert (continuously updated)

Upcoming Festivals
Afro-Punk Festival '11
Virgin Mobile Free Fest, 2011, c/o MyFreeConcert

General Playlists
P4k Best New Music, July 2011, c/o MyFreeConcert (continuously updated)