Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update on Sleigh Bells, Rusko location and booze situation


ANOTHER UPDATE: If you have an extra +1 that you're not gonna use, or NEED AN EXTRA TICKET and are desperate to get into this thing, then head here and follow the instructions.

UPDATE: Booze will not be free. So plan accordingly. We might suggest hanging at the Fat Black Pussycat if you are of age and have nowhere else to go because its close to where the show will be and its $5 for a pitcher of Yuengling from 5-8 pm. Or flask it, you underage hooligans. Or check back

We gotta think that @SkinsTV is enjoying every minute of this. We even got a shoutout too from them for being "knowitalls". Yeppers.

There are more than 7,000 people confirmed 10,000 people confirmed for this free show we posted yesterday, and lord knows how many of them are underage. Oy vey. Quite easily the most ridiculous free concert we've seen in a long time as far as sheer numbers. Don't remember this dollar Rusko show we posted somewhere or other being this chaotic. But I suppose these two free epic Sleigh Bells shows were (here and here). UPDATE: An events rep has maintained the venue will have a capacity of 5,000. There will also be a coat check where you can leave bags, but leaving valuables in them is ill advised.

But anyway, the location hasn't been revealed, and @SkinsTV has taken it into binary to reveal a clue to the secret. Do you know binary? Probably not, but this converts it for you, so you end up with 10014, which is in the Village, in Manhattan. Our guess is that it is in the same warehouse that Heineken threw it down in last summer that featured A-Trak and Cold War Kids, among others. If you're one of those 8 to 10 thousand people that want to get into this, your best bet is to bundle up and camp out in Greenwich Village somewhere near that address and have your computer/email handy. The Village Voice seems to agree about these facts.

If you don't get in, don't worry. We've got more cheap listings for people of all shapes, ages, and sizes here.

Just a guess. We were right about Sleigh Bells, so maybe the streak will continue. Tweet @ us @myfreeconcertny if you're there (or have questions). It'd be interesting to meet some of you wonderful new readers. And hey, we post other completely stuff too as well as give it away.

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  1. When and if you find out the location you're going to post it here? Ah! That means more people are going to show up and it's not going to be a secret!

    Btw I'm bummed I found out about this blog so late! You're awesome!