Thursday, January 13, 2011

Complete details on tomorrow's ridiculous MTV event featuring Rusko + Sleigh Bells

NOTE: ALL UPDATES TONIGHT WILL BE TWEETED, so head here for the most up to date info.

c/o the ridiculous MTV event that's going down tonight. Just want to add. Freaking called it like earlier this week what what what. If you appreciate that and want the inside scoop on these shows then please like us on Facebook here. Or Twitter. Also, judging from the comments below this post, some people got "shafted". But read through the rest of this before you decide not to come.


Read this important information carefully:

1. Entry is free, but NOT guaranteed, and everyone will be accommodated on a first come, first served basis.

2. Once we hit capacity, we will NOT be allowing any more guests to enter the event.

3. As you may know (and the NYPD definitely knows), we have substantially more people who WANT to go to the party than CAN go to the party so arrive early to increase your chances of getting in but...

4. ...No lines before 9PM.

5. You MUST present a government issued photo ID to enter, 16 to party, 21 to drink (STRICTLY ENFORCED), cash bar, no re-entry.

330 West Street, Dock 34W
New York, NY 10014

Follow @skinstv for more event updates.

Ha, and here's the other email that was sent out. This party is going to have to have one massive guestlist of names to check if they're selectively denying people. If you're one of those people that is dying to go, we'd recommend just showing up early. Thinking about things logically, there's going to be people in both situations, and NOT LETTING THEM IN COULD CAUSE A MINI-RIOT LIKE THIS ONE so just get there freakin' early. That's our advice, and we're sticking to it, unless we get a better answer.

Thanks for your interest in our party, but due to an overwhelming response we are unable to accommodate your RSVP. On behalf of the cast, and all of us at MTV, thanks for your support, and throw your own Skins party this Monday at 10pm.


  1. is it true that the party is cancelled? i got an e-mail that said so..

  2. is there a point in waiting in line if you got an e-mail saying your rsvp can't be accommodated?!?!? i don't wanna show up at 9 and wait in line only be told no even if i'm there before capacity. wtf i rsvp'd so early.

  3. Hi Jennie,
    How early did you RSVP?

  4. I RSVP'd on wednesday and I got an email saying I got bumped off the list. WTF?!

  5. how are they going to know if u didnt rsvp?email? that would be fucked.
    i also had "rsvp" they said they would send me an email confirmation the day-of, next thing i kno i get an email saying they cant accomodate me. wtffffff

  6. I rsvp'd first thing monday morn

  7. If you got a different email, can you please forward it to and we'll post it so people won't be as confused. That'd be greatly appreciated.
    -MyFreeConcert Team

  8. Did anyone trying to attend this concert have witnessed while waiting in line a confrontation between 2 guys and the police? To be more specific one big/strong cop beating up a young BLONDE guy on the face holding him against the floor? If you did and took some pictures,would be greatly apprecciated and COMPENSATED if you please contact me and provide me with those pictures.The guy is my son and had been a victim of police abuse and brutality.

  9. The e-mail for Aristocat0621 is the same name at america on line...Hoping and waiting for some help on my previuos posted subjet. Thanks.