Monday, January 10, 2011

Free Concert: MTV sponsored secret show, Sleigh Bells (confirmed), Rusko, several DJs, likely free booze, a warehouse in the Village, 1/14

UPDATE: TOTALLY CALLED IT, WHAT WHAT WHAT? Sleigh Bells for the win!! Location update. Be aware of the massive crowd, however.
CONFIRMED: Rusko will be one of the headliners. So it won't be just one band. Hooray. Evidence here.

UPDATE: The blogomosphere tells me that Sleigh Bells soundtracked Skins, so that could very well be a possibility. Also, they have had a strong relationship with MTV in the past as you can see. They're overseas until the 10th, and very likely would be the logical band to be playing this.

MTV is throwing some kind of secret party. It involves "deflowering" "skins" and "secrets". The band is a secret, and I'm assuming all kinds of money is being thrown into this by corporate America trying to be DIY (yeah, I know, but we so love it as is evidenced here). So I'm gonna assume its a pretty big name. Just sign up and RSVP for crissake by clicking on the flyer to be taken to the registration page. The submit button is the Facebook button on their site. Maybe I'll finally get to see DJ Pauly D for free. Or Snooks.

Disclaimer: Read the flyer. 21 to drink, 16+ show. Beware of jail bait!