Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spotify is live and we have invitation tokens for free accounts

UPDATE (5:16): Head to our newly created Facebook page for all of this. We are giving out a TON of invites each day. A TON. 10 EVERY HOUR, IN FACT. See contest details below.

UPDATE (1:48 pm): Bruno Mars is giving away 1000 invites today to Spotify. Nuts. Spread the word, and see the screenshot below for what we're talking about.

UPDATE (12:54 pm): Klout are giving away a bunch of invites for free. Below are some links that should hopefully work for you if you want an invite, in addition to our contest. Please post in the comments other links if you're using a different one on Klout. A lot of you might benefit by posting the link and end up with your own free premium account.

UPDATE (9:15 am): We'll be giving away some premium accounts too. Even more incentive to enter this contest, we think.

We here at MyFreeConcert have had a long history with Spotify and have been championing it for years. Over that period, we've accumulated some invite tokens, and we'd like to offer our readers a great opportunity to use the service the day that is has launched in the U.S.

We've got five ten twenty (and possibly more) A LOT of invite tokens to give away today. We want to get you listening to the music for free as fast as possible, and we plan on integrating the service into our site in the coming days.

So here's a contest, where we'll be giving away TEN invite token per hour today. All you have to do is this:
Follow us on Twitter. Then Tweet "I love FREE music + wanna try Spotify for free c/o @MyFreeConcertNY + @TheMusicDotFM #Spotify".

Once you've done that head to our Facebook Page and add your email and Twitter handle. Winners will be contacted via email with more details.



  2. Thanks to MFCNYC's tip about Klout's Spotify invite giveaway I was able to get an invite to register a free account.

    Here's my Klout invite link to share the Spotify perk, if you have a Klout account or want to sign up for one (it's really easy) to get a free Spotify account, hit it -


  4. Get spotify now! You'll thanks these guys later!

  5. Check it. Free Spotify Invites. The link says what it is. Dig It:

  6. you guys are awesome, thanks for the info I have been trying to get an invite for days with no luck until now!