Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our plans to integrate Spotify

We've been longtime supporters of Spotify in the U.S. (dating back several years in fact) and are glad to hear that it is finally officially coming here. That comes per this announcement today. We encourage all of you readers to act quickly on this and signup for an invite. We will be integrating the service into our posts, with links to artist pages or specific songs. This will allow all of you to actually hear many of the lesser known artists at the click of a button so that you know exactly what they sound like before you hit a free show.

Furthermore, Spotify allows for a great way of sharing playlists and getting more social with the music. You can drag and drop music into a friend's inbox and even send messages when you do so. It's an incredibly useful and efficient way of sharing new songs.

It is also simply an amazing service and we want to support it in any way that we can in the early stages of its U.S. launch. So be sure to sign up and tell your friends. You won't regret it.


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