Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kanye West Contest Goes Live on Monday, June 6th

We updated previously the official statement from Heineken reps, which is below and had been posted here.
Here is the official statement from Heineken representatives in regards to the upcoming shows following our Heineken related posts here and here as well as the info below and in ourFacebook Event:
Heineken Red Star Access and Kanye West presents G.O.O.D. Music kick off event is taking place in New York on June 9th. Heineken representatives have explained that the ONLY way to get in to this event is to win your way in through a contest that will start on Monday, June 6th that is hosting. Information on the other Heineken Red Star Access shows taking place around the country can be found at Heineken’s Red Star Access Facebook page.
We wanted to take a second and maintain that the contest is run through and is not necessarily all on live radio, as many people might think. Hot97 already run many contests online, which you can find here. You're also able to stream the station online too, so you could in theory live anywhere to hear the details of this contest. It goes live in whatever shape or form on Monday, June 6th. That being said be sure to stay tuned to Heineken's Facebook Page for the full scoop.

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