Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not Exactly Music But... Madden 2012 party w/ numerous NFL Legends @ Bryant Park, 7/27

A very impressive list of former NFL players will be on hand for this. Here are details on players and what this event entails, and below is how to get in:
We are going to do something unique by ONLY giving tickets to fans that LIKE our 1iota Facebook page. Here's how the promotion is going to work:
  • At approximately 10am PST on 7/7/11, we are going to post a show-specific promo code in the PROMO CODE tab on our Facebook Page. You must LIKE our Facebook page to view the Promo Code tab.
    • Note - some mobile devices and corporate computer networks block Facebook tabs from being viewed. If this becomes a large issue, we will post the Promo Code as a status update.
  • After you view the Promo Code, simply login at, request tickets to the Madden NFL 12 Pigskin Pro-Am and enter the Promo Code. You must enter the promo code during the ticket request process.
  • We will only process ticket requests from 1iota members who like our 1iota Facebook page AND have entered the correct promo code.

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