Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Free Concert: Numerous performers, free booze @ Angels and Kings, 7/6

Obviously we're big fans of this flyer. Open bar runs 8:30-10 pm, according to MyOpenBar. c/o the Facebook Event:
This week Brain Wave is thrilled to bring some really good friends of ours into the spotlight.

Straight outta Bushwick NYC,
Spinning spaced out ambient dub and 90's lassic IDM
DJ ADAT (DUBWICK) will be rinsing the sound in half & double time.

Exclusive live performance from our man PRESS RESET
A production wIz who utilizes unique synthisizers
like the Tenori ON and the Teenage Engineering OP-1.

Weekly resident Little Star Dweller will be Spinning a mix of ambient and early electronic music like Tangerine Dream, John Michelle Jarre to Boards of Cananda, Aphex Twin, Alva Noto and some really rare synth bands.

As always Brainbeat will have their "Emotiv" brain-computer interface, manipulating sound and video imagery with EEG data and other biofeedback.

Ian M Colletti of Vaudeville Park will be behind the bar, ready to serve it to you straight, on the rocks, up, or with one of those funny little parasol straws if you so desire.

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