Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free Concert: Amy Winehouse tribute party with several acts @ The Morgan, 7/29

Let the Winehouse tribute parties begin. Head to the Facebook Event for more info. Or if you miss this one, head to the second Winehouse tribute party.
In honor of the great Amy Winehouse, Kill Shop Dance is sending her out with a bang, barf, or some slight bit of a "full feeling"!

What's important is DJ's DLNGR, Alex Frederick, and Pumpkin Patch will keep you dancing and screaming NO, NO, NO, to rehab allll night.

Winehouse lookalike contest at 1am (or at least acting like)!

Super secret special opening act at 10pm!

Kill Shop Kill giveaways all night!

Hosted by Greggor, Kimberly Rose, Tracy Brock and Thatcher Ford Volz .

so dump em' out!!!!


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