Thursday, June 2, 2011

VIP tickets to the Governor's Island Festival Contest

In my inbox--

Head here ASAP. More details TBA.


  1. tenka is the most confusing site ive ever used. it said i was verified but then i had no idea how to confirm that i won tickets.

  2. I think this isnt clear. I thinik it's just a contest to win two free tix. you dont have get them once you sign up.

  3. Yeah, what Prolifick said. It's a contest:
    Didn't win the regular tix? Well now you can be a VIP! Win 2 free VIP tix ($300 value) to the upcoming Governors Ball Music Festival! Just pocket AND redeem this deal to enter. Winner to be announced Friday, June 10!

  4. they do it through you facebook i suggest not doing it. or if you do go into you fb account settings and delete that app.