Monday, June 6, 2011

Participate in a flash mob for free tickets to The Roots

Interesting idea. c/o Guerilla Drive In:
And don't forget - the only way to get your free tickets to see THE ROOTS is by SHOWING UP! (250 tix available)

And here's a few more last-minute tips:
Want to help out extra and be a super-duper volunteer? Meet at 52 Broadway, Floor 19, Room G, AT 5PM (June 6th)- we'll have VIP ROOTS TICKETS for our super-duper volunteers!
If you can wear a dark shirt or top, that'd be great - if not, don't sweat it!
If you want to tweet about the Flash Mob, please use the hashtags #WeAreBeingLiedTo or #NotBroke


  1. when is this concert/flashmob happening?

  2. Tonight, 5 pm, 52 Broadway, floor 19, Room G is where the tickets are given out.