Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not exactly music but... Networking with free tequila & tacos @ 3rd Ward, 5/26

3rd Ward, you are truly amazing sometimes. RSVP and info here.

NETWORKING EVENT // 3rd Ward Wind-Up
Thursday, May 26, 7 – 9pm
195 Morgan Ave, Studio B
Free & Open to the Public

The Wind-Up is your chance to grab a drink and mix and mingle with the 3rd Ward community. Learn what Members are up to, meet a new friend or business collaborator, talk to teachers, and more. Plus, Membership Services will be on-hand to chat and answer any of your questions.

Come join us and bring your friends! This low-key networking event will also include short and entertaining presentations from some of our Members and teachers, including:

- Ben Simon (Teacher & Member since May ‘11) -- Custom guitars, tongue drums and other instruments
- Launa Eddy (Teacher & Member since April ‘10) -- Multimedia surrealist creations
- Bernice Kelly (Member since March ‘11) -- Jewelry design
- Steven Ma (Teacher) -- Bike Maintenance

Plus, enjoy free tacos and cocktails from Camarena Tequila, and a raffle to win $150 from Crest Hardware.


Generously sponsored by Camarena Tequila. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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