Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Try to get into a VH1 taping of Mumford & Sons

Today is a very Mumford & Sons eccentric day for some reason. Check out our own exclusive giveaway. These are probably two different events entirely as well. This is also worth entering, however, c/o their Facebook:
VH1 Presents... MUMFORD & SONS: Unplugged

VH1 is filming a very special and very Intimate concert featuring Mumford & Sons and they're offering their biggest NYC fans to be a part of it...

If you are a huge fan of Mumford & Sons and would like the opportunity to receive complimentary admission to this extremely intimate concert, please reply back to VH1Audience@GothamCasting.com
entering “Mumford & Sons” in the subject line and including the following info:

AGE (must be at least 18 years old):
GUEST NAME, PHOTO & AGE (you may bring ONE guest with you):
Favorite Mumford & Sons Song:
Why you are such a fan of the band:
Why should you be in the audience for this event:

The show is taping Wednesday, April 13th in NYC…You MUST be in the NYC area to apply for this concert.
The time is still TBD, so be sure you will be available ALL DAY before you reply for a spot. These shows do tend to tape in the mid-afternoon.

Successful applicants will be contacted via email with further details.

Good luck!

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