Friday, April 8, 2011

Not exactly music but... Creators Project event w/ a discussion about free culture, free booze @ Salt Space, 4/20

Sampling, mash-ups, remixes and participatory culture all pre-date the internet, but the digital revolution has helped amplify these practices and given every teenager with a laptop the tools necessary to engage in them. Remixing is quickly becoming the standard way for fans and artists alike to interact with content and become participants in the creative process, which has opened up a wormhole of issues ranging from questions about authorship and intellectual property rights to the disintegration of business models. There’s no two ways about it, the ideals behind the “free culture” movement are changing the process of creation and the distribution of culture.

In this panel discussion, a group of thought leaders and artists in the free culture space will discuss the potential benefits and down sides of free culture, what it means for the general public, for artists and for the future of the art market.

7pm – Doors
7:30pm – Panel discussion begins
8:30-10pm – Mix and mingle with fellow creatives over drinks provided by SAPPORO.

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