Friday, April 1, 2011

Free Concert: TONIGHT, Julia of NMRKT, free tequila @ 3rd Ward

Free tequila and some other stuff for a couple of hours. Not a bad option whatsoever....
Now Carrie Shaltz and Zach Hyman's journey is coming to a thrilling conclusion with PREYGROUND, a multimedia Gallery Show at 3rd Ward showcasing their never-before-seen work.

PREYGROUND is a lush exploration of our natural, “wild” selves in a society that suppresses that exact behavior. Nude, masked, and with zero inhibitions, Carrie and Zach explore natural and man-made landscapes in striking, stylish tableaus that juxtapose animal physicality with the everyday.

Come celebrate this exhilarating body of work that will include photographs, videos, and masks. With live MUSIC BY JULIA OF NMRKT and drinks compliments of Alacran tequila.

RSVPs are required at

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