Saturday, April 16, 2011

Free Concert: Snoop Dogg!!!, Das Racist @ Columbia, 4/30

Final Update: It is officially Columbia ID only, as the organizers of the event kindly notified me. If you're going to try to get in, be careful, but you probably won't get in, though it appears that a few commenters have their own take on this.

UPDATE: Be forewarned. We aren't 100 percent sure on the ID policy and if you are assured in if you aren't a student. We'll keep you posted on this as we learn more.

Snoop and Das Racist. One of our readers tipped us off on this one. We do love our readers. It is supposed to be open to anyone, and Das Racist goes on at 3 pm on the low steps at Columbia. Columbia's been on a roll lately. We'll update you with more info if we get it. Or if you know more, comment on this post or email myfreeconcertny at gmail dot com.

Finally, after all that guessing and waiting around Havana Central drinking, we know the headliners of this year’s Bacchanal Spring Concert: Snoop Dogg and Das Racist. Park it at Low Plaza like it’s hot on Saturday, April 30 for the big event. The show’s scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. (subject to change). Listen to a sample of their songs and post your thoughts on the bands after the jump.
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We’re not joking, just joking, we are joking, just joking, we’re not joking: much-hyped and utlra-hip “we’re kinda like rap/noise/pop” hip-hop duo Das Racist and Calvin Cordozar Braudus, Jr. aka SNOOP DOGG will perform at this year’s spring concert. The winner of CU Records’ Battle of the Bands (to be chosen on April 15) will open for them. And guys, it’s not a competition with Brown. These guys are the stuff of Bacchanal lore. Snoop was in an animated cartoon with Ghostface, and features Wiz Khalifa on his latest album, and then there’s Black and Yellow (sound familiar?) Let’s just hope sharing the bill with Das Racist doesn’t provoke any weird fake beef. Anyways this year’s Bacchanal’s theme is Abacchalypse, so whatever you think of the music you should get fucked up, ‘cause the world’s gonna end right? As per tradition, the good people at Bacchanal will host a film screening on 4/20, a week before the concert. They’re showing The Dark Side of Oz and it will be trippy.


  1. It's actually Columbia ID only! Sorry!

  2. I've never seen anyone actually check and I've never been asked to take out my ID, so it might be worth trying even if you're not a student. I think they might tighten up though if too many people show up or if they figure that the artists are really high-profile.

  3. I tried getting in last year and got tackled by security when I couldn't produce a Columbia ID. FUCK COLUMBIA

  4. Unfortunately, it is CUID only, due to security concerns.

  5. Hi, does anybody know what time of the day security are going to start checking IDs??