Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Concert: Babycastles event w/ numerous bands and video games galore @ NYU Kimmel Center, 4/21

Never been to a Babycastles show, but we hear they're the shiznit. This is open to anyone, it has been confirmed. Mad props on the hilarious description.

c/o the Facebook Event:
Join NYUPB for one of our most exciting events in April!

We are teaming up with Babycastles ( of Silent Barn fame, along with local artists + bands for a night of live music, art installations and the famous Babycastles Arcade

Ever wanted to go to Silent Barn, but thought, 'wow it seems effing far away, man, no way im gonna travel like 40 minutes into brooklyn to go to a DIY warehouse concert thing like that one roommate of my friends does'?

Or better yet, ever wondered "wtf is a silent barn and why do I want to go to it?"

Well we're bringing it to YOU! So you can find out what the buzz is about.

War Cries
Kris Keyser


+Play the hottest Indie games in real modded arcade cabinets
+Listen to amazing up-and-coming bands
+Contemplate artwork
+Impress the hipster girl you want to ask out

Its gonna be that easy.

but wait, do I have to pay money for this? does this require quarters?
NO! Its all free. Free. FREE.

FREE concert
FREE arcade games
FREE art
FREE alt cred
FREE buzz
FREE things to tweet about

And its all going to be at KIMMEL! That means either you are pretty close to this event, or you live in brooklyn or something and you're closer to silent barn anyway! so check it out!

even the times is all about Babycastles:

Nothing but fun will be had at this event,
because nothing spells F - U - N like D - I - Y

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