Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free Concert: Art exhibit w/ DJ + an open bar, Rouge 58, 3/5

c/o the Facebook Event:
Rouge 58 presents INFINITY LANDING, a site-specific installation consisting of new works in sculpture, projection and light manipulation by New York-based artist Dev Harlan. The exhibition is the first solo show by artist Dev Harlan and is intended to be viewed in a "leisurely" fashion, whilst presenting optically challenging work at a larger than life scale.

The centerpiece, TRIBAR I, is derived from the well known Penrose triangle illusion, and is realized as a three- dimensional illuminated sculpture. Like planets, the sculptures and viewer must come into alignment, at which point ecstatic infinite recursion takes hold. The pyramidal piece Rupture, is geometrically complimentary, and appears as though forever caught in a state of expansion, while luminous color wells up from its insides.
The exhibition will be on view from March 3rd through March 17th, with an opening reception and party on Saturday, March 5th from 6pm-11pm during Armory Arts Week.

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March 5th 6-11pm at ROUGE 58

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