Saturday, January 15, 2011

One Man's Tale of the MTV Skins circus from last night

Our man on the street Ryan McDonald has the full story on last night's MTV Skins party, in case you were wondering. Not everyone had quite as much fun, though (basically a synopsis of the people outside). We'll be adding more photos and videos shortly:
Next time get there early. MTV ironically seemed to promote exactly what their new Americanized teen drama entails, underage shenanigans. Judging by the aftermath outside of the warehouse of the corner of West Street and Clarkson Street, dub-stepping teenagers feasted on a hearty meal of McDonald’s and the newest batch of the less-deadly Four Loko’s. MTV knows what the hell they’re doing (keep reading), as far as marketing this event towards a particular demographic.

21 year olds and above were invited, but wisely stayed home and left the raging to the kiddies. Our first MFC’er on the scene arrived about 8 o’clock, reporting a rapidly growing crowd, but managed to fandangle his way into the staff due to his facial hair. I arrived at 9:30 and to my dismay, highly doubted I would get to the dub steppin.’ Videos will be posted as soon as I wash the 16 years olds off my skin, but there were two lines. If you were lucky enough to get in the first line, you were the go getter and arrived early, screw the RSVP. If you were the drunker crowd, which literally wrapped around the warehouse almost to the next cross street, you pre gamed too long and were not getting in. I would estimate 2,000 to 3,000 were waiting outside the warehouse, still waiting well past 10pm to get in. MFC was sly enough to sneak our way into a restricted area and cut like 2,000 of you in line (sorry guys).

No open bar, but impressive décor. Massive, round, cartoon monsters dangled from the ceiling, getting spiked by the rage brigade as they filed in with their colorful outfits. MTV wisely separated the older, wiser crowd, restricting alcohol to another area and not letting beverages escape. Above the big people’s area, was MTV’s personnel, including the cast of their newest series, Skins. I ran into the mini-Laguna Beach cast several times, shoving MFC flyers in their faces, hoping for autographs with first permission from their parents.

A total of two, extremely empty bars sat at opposite ends of the 21 and over, VIP-like area. 7-dollar mixed drinks included a complimentary glow stick, awesome. Security was tight, but not over done. Everyone seemed to be fairly free to do whatever they pleased, including breaking open the glow sticks and dumping its contents on each other like the remains of fire flies. One thing was for sure; those who were 21 were absolutely sober. Those who were 16 and over, were absolutely hammered and/or high out of their mind. Eventually the warehouse wreaked of special cigarettes, some girls lighting up right in front of security. I was approached by several teens, begging me and even offering me money for my wristband, I was so cool.

Disregarding anything going on outside I may or may not have noticed, inside was organized, not too crowded, and friendly. I kept my distance throughout the show, surveying the scene and failed to notice any incidents. Those who were dancing did not stop dancing throughout the show in an array of flying glow sticks, mother-vetoed short skirts, and creepy rave clowns (best way I can explain them). Sleigh Bells, as shitty and loud the sound was, absolutely kicked ass. They put on a hell of a show, engaged their crowd, and clearly the audience-favorite.

Rusko created the glow stick massacre, covering his crowd in sweat, water, and glow stick insides. At this point, those who remained were losing their damn minds, not even getting ten minutes to recover from Sleigh Bells. Our ears were dragged from heavy guitars and bass to umm… bass. Those kiddies had a damn good time, at least from what I could see and what they will hopefully remember. Despite bad expectations, the situation outside was a madhouse as expected, but inside however, MTV managed to put together a fairly decent party. No, does not make me any more likely to watch Skins, but it does make me more likely to sneak into more free shows full of 16 year olds and head directly to confession after. But I'm sure there are other, less flattering stories of last night.




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