Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not exactly music but... A bunch of respected authors reading about sports, Le Poisson Rouge, 2/3

I'm a big Klosterman fan so if nothing else that would make this thing worth it. c/o Le Poisson Rouge:
Gelf Magazine's Varsity Letters hosted by Carl Bialik and Dan Shanoffw/ Henry Abbott, Katie Baker, Alex Belth, Ben Cohen, Joe Drape, Jason Fry, Sally Jenkins, Chuck Klosterman, Will Leitch, Amy K. Nelson, Jeff Pearlman, Dan Shanoff, Emma Span, Sam Walker and Michael Weinreb.
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Gelf's Varsity Letters sports reading series returns on Thursday, February 3, at 7:30 p.m., at Manhattan's (Le) Poisson Rouge, with a special event ahead of our fifth anniversary. Varsity Letters founder Dan Shanoff—who will be celebrating the launch of his new news site, Quickish— and Gelf—which has been hosting the event since December 2006—will be co-hosting the event. It will feature 15 sportswriters, including Varsity Letters alumni and first-time speakers, who will take the stage in rapid-fire, three-minute installments to recall a defining moment in sports. The speakers include Sam Walker, who appeared at the first Varsity Letters in April 2006; Sally Jenkins; and Jeff Pearlman.

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