Friday, January 14, 2011

Free Concert: TONIGHT, House party in Greenpoint, 224 Franklin St

c/o NononsenseNYC:
Your Party

I'm tossing out the playbook, throwing the gauntlet down and spinning a raucus gambit for ya'll. An unpretentious neighborhood like Greenpoint needs an unpretentious dance floor, and this, my friends, I will provide. With my own blood, sweat, and data processors, I will haul speakers, set up lights and organize the visuals. I'm providing all the hard work and opportunity, so come out and make it Your Party. You heard it correctly dance maniacs and party people: I'm taking over a spacious industrial drinkhouse in Greenpoint this Friday, for some bad-ass dance beats, rhythmic grooves, hand clapping, back flipping, leg humping, nose snorting, needle pulling tracks that will infect your curiosity and imagination: yes! Oh yes! I always take requests and this has made for a fun time I provide a baseline of dark disco, grunge electro, minimal tech, spanking hip hop, synth waves, gaga pop, and danceable metal. My effort is new for this space, for Greenpoint and for me. So come as you are and as you were. No cover. No BS. Needing a moniker, I've assumed DJ Chipped Tooth.

224 Franklin Street, Brooklyn
9:30p; $free

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