Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not Quite Free Concert: $10, Alien Abduction themed, 12 hours of DJ sets, 372, 12/31

Quirky. Description and flyer below. c/o Nonsense NYC:

In preparation for their 2011 arrival, S.O.M. has geared up to deliver a grand welcoming on December 31, 2010 featuring 12 hours of bass fired through an Eastern Acoustics three-way sound system.

The venue, a raw abandoned space craft hidden within the depths of industrial East Williamsburg, will be home to several DJs with their own distinct sound. This intimate space craft, outfitted with an enclosed outdoor area with fire spinning to welcome extraterrestrial visitors, serves as a haven to freaks, beats, and beings from a world far beyond our concrete jungle.

Striving to support the local music scene, S.O.M. has teamed up with Spectrums, a small electronic music collective, and Halcyon record store to diversify the evening's audio feast. As we take off in the new year, with neon lights flashing and distorted faces upturned, we might ask ourselves are they arriving, or are they already here? Space gear encouraged.

372 Ten Eyck, Brooklyn
10p, door closed between 11:45-12:10; $10 presale (limited), $20 door
21 and over

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