Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Concert: TONIGHT, Anamanaguchi, Four Loko ridiculousness, Union Square

We here at MyFreeConcert have seen some ridiculous stuff in our time of blogging, but this has got to be in the top five.

c/o the Facebook event page:
Four Loko is a caffeinated malt beverage which myself and many of my friends enjoy. Recent legislation has threatened the sale of Four Loko in New York State. We ask Dennis Rosen, chairman of the NYS Liquor Authority, to rethink his stance under the belief that Four Loko is essential to New York City's well being and part of a balanced drink menu.

It is my personal belief that New Yorker and American Forefather, Alexander Hamilt...on, would have enjoyed Four Loko and made it his drink of choice during the grueling Battle of Yorktown - as it is a drink which can keep you awake and warm - perfect for when Hamilton and General George Washington led the remaining 2000 soldiers of the Continental Army across the Hudson to Brooklyn in pure silence under the dark New York City moon - a maneuver which saved the army, won back New York and ultimately America from the taxing hand of the British.

Please join us on the steps of Union Square at 7pm on November 17th for this candle light vigil - share your voice, bring a sign, light a candle and lets UNITE AS ONE to stand for FREEDOM and something greater than the individual .. AS ONE WE CAN BE FOUR.


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