Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not Quite Free Concert: TONIGHT, $15 (yes, but read below), Within The Land of Ash, Bushwick

3rd Ward knows how to throw it down in the most ridiculous ways possible. Sure, this costs $15, but quite frankly, this has value. Read the following description and decide for yourself.
This Saturday's "Within the Land of Ash" has grown into a phenomenon. What we have for you is twelve hours of music/spectacle spread across 70,000sqft of warehouses and the wide-open city street. The music will be extraordinary, our capacity is unlimited and before the sun rises you will have rediscovered the love of your life (hint: it's still New York City).

To ensure your experience is as sensational as you deserve, please keep in mind these three simple points:

1) This night is yours. Arrive in costume, live out your fantasy and treat the streets as your stage. Afterlife themed costumes will be rewarded with champagne.

2) Respect the neighborhood and the people working to keep it safe. Look out for yourself and those around you. Don't be the mistake that ruins this night for everyone.

3) Kiss a stranger. Give out candy. Fall in and out of love over the course of hours or minutes or seconds. Create at least one moment you will remember for a lifetime.

There is one rule for Halloween: those who are the most generous get the most in return.


Reggie Watts : (8pm) This act is the reason to arrive early. Reggie Watts' renown is exploding around the world, and for good reason. In the words of Eugene Mirman, Reggie is "amazing and unlike anything you have ever seen. Unless you have seen a comedic stream of conscious operatic beat-boxing marvel. Then it's like that."

Das Racist : (9pm) XLR8R refers to them as "an existential meditation on consumer identity in corporate America". The New York Times calls them "characteristically shambolic, and characteristically entertaining" while MTV claims they may be one of the "25 Best New Bands in the World." We simply love their Brooklyn humor meets hip-hop brilliance that somehow manages to make the crowd go wild, each and every time.

Bajah + Dry Eye Crew : There are some musical acts whose sound is so powerfully sincere that the thump and groove comes from within your chest as much as the speakers amplifying the sound. There is a reason Bajah is the darling of the burgeoning African hip-hop scene. This is your chance to witness the phenomenon for yourself.

Meta and the Cornerstones : Meta and the Cornerstones fuse Afropop, Hip-Hop, Rock and Soul with a mixture of French, English, Wolof, and Fulani vocals. Meta speaks to both the root and future of music at the same time and the journey is incredible.

Plus, Ishmael Kayoute and dancers from the cast of Fela!, throw-down dance funk from dj Dhundee and OP! and more performance surprises curated by Okay Africa.

The Lady Circus and the Stumblebum Brass Band will be hosting a surprise performance of aerial acts, feats of darkness and sultry vignettes within an ancient brewery that is as decimated and beautiful as the performance hosted within it.

The International Phenomenon Wolf + Lamb is taking over a floor of a former knit factory with their entire label including: Soul Clap, Slow Hands, Nicolas Jaar Live and Nick (No Regular Play). Downstairs the Image Node Crew inhabits the Seizure Dome with art projections by the Housewives Guild to Anatomy, That Fuzzy Bastard, Animatron and music by dj Tinseltown, Future Ben, Born, Ezekiel Honig and Autophage.

The Vintage DJ, Peter Principle and the Vermont Joy Parade pull you back to simpler times in the antique lounge, while Laura Lee Gulledge paints bodies with her ethereal touch and a special sunrise ceremony set by resident dj Zemi 17.

Infamous Miami artist Karelle Levy will present an installation reminiscent of an Egyptian tomb. With her distinctive KREL design, this living art will be mummification made couture.

In the as-of-yet unexplored 10,000sqft. Omega Building, the Xango Tribe and Cumba Mela are building intimate experiences within domes and hidden spaces featuring live music, food and small moments of magic. The Cumba Mela Collective takes over the other half of the space with crowd pleasing global bass, pulling influences from tribal house, Balkan brass, dubstep and electro. Featuring dj's: Atropiolis, Thor and 2melo with live mc's Polo and Shanti and an orchestra of live percussion including The Didge Project, kA, SriKala, Aloka and high flying feats by Steph Angel.

Plus acts of magic and majesty from Sticks and Bones, Anna Hecker, The Madagascar Institute, Zev Deans & Lesbian, Borah Bett's Cocoon Space and our infamous outdoor hot-tub. Arrive in an afterlife themed costume and you will be rewarded with champagne.

This event pulls together 150 artists and performers spread across four massive spaces and the wide-open streets. For twelve hours this Saturday, all of this is open to you and your closest friends.

Your Adventure Begins At:
260 Meserole St., Bushwick Brooklyn
L train to Montrose, walk two blocks East
7pm through 7am : Saturday, October 30th
$15 before 9:45pm : $25 after

One entrance price gets you into every space for the entire night. We've taken over 70,000+ sqft, across five separate buildings and filled them with unmissable music and performance. However, the real beauty comes from you and the brilliant people you know. Take this opportunity to create your own adventure. Perform spontaneously, dance like a rockstar, surprise a total stranger with that unique thing you do.

This is your journey through the myth, the beauty and the endless possibility Within the Land of Ash.

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